Thanks to Alan Turing for inventing reaction-diffusion, and to the many other researchers who have worked in this area.

Ready is programmed by: Tim Hutton, Robert Munafo, Andrew Trevorrow, Tom Rokicki, Dan Wills.

Thanks to the people who have contributed help or patterns, reported bugs or made feature requests: Adam P. Goucher, Thomas Schiex, NJ, Simon Gladman, Cornus Ammonis, Matt Pennybacker, Eran Agmon, Stephan Rafler, Dave Mann, Jason Seward, Tiha von Ghyczy, Mikhail Kryuchkov, schroef.

Thanks also to the many programmers who have contributed to the following open source projects used in Ready: OpenCL, VTK, wxWidgets, wxVTK, ElectroMag, CMake, cppcolormap, cxxopts.

Early versions of Ready were based on Greg Turk's reaction-diffusion code. The following copyright notice appeared with his original source code. Greg Turk has given permission for our derived code to be distributed under the GPL.


Make spots and stripes with reaction-diffusion.

The spot-formation system is described in the article:

  "A Model for Generating Aspects of Zebra and Other Mammailian
   Coat Patterns"
  Jonathan B. L. Bard
  Journal of Theoretical Biology, Vol. 93, No. 2, pp. 363-385
  (November 1981)

The stripe-formation system is described in the book:

  Models of Biological Pattern Formation
  Hans Meinhardt
  Academic Press, 1982

Permission is granted to modify and/or distribute this program so long
as the program is distributed free of charge and this header is retained
as part of the program.

Copyright (c) Greg Turk, 1991


Other contributors

Your name here. Ready is a community project, so you own it as much as we do. Make a suggestion, report a bug, add a demo or just give some feedback.

Pattern competition!

Send us an interesting pattern file. Winners will get their patterns included in the next release of Ready, and have their name mentioned in the credits.


Deadline: shortly before the next release.

Data sources

The bunny mesh is courtesy of Greg Turk and Marc Levoy.

The lion and horse meshes are courtesy of Robert Sumner and Jovan Popovic.

Icon sources: GNOME Desktop icons, ArtLibreSet